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tomilipin 21/04/2009 21h53

PNG Factory logo
Where can I find PNG Factory logo?
I'm building a new website and I want to credit PNG Factory.

bubka 21/04/2009 22h04

There is no official logo for PngFactory at this time. You can use or rework the dock icon of our header for example ( ), or just use text link.
If you want a logo absoloutly, let me know the dimension you're waiting for, i will work on a specific one for you :yes:

billyboy_45 21/04/2009 22h29

you could use this little banner
or simply one of the CustomXP logo someone made, no ? ;-)

tomilipin 22/04/2009 15h28

The dock icon is great, I think I will use it.
But if it's possible, I'd like to have a bigger picture.
256x256 png with transparency would be best, so that I will be able to resize it and use it on all background colours.
bubka, are you willing to accept such a challenge? :-)

billyboy_45 22/04/2009 17h48

hi, here it is, i just took it from tpdk's website ;-)

tomilipin 23/04/2009 13h21

Awesome! That's what I was looking for :)

Thanks a lot!


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